Announcement: DIYbio investigation comittee on the-Odin DIY-CRISPR kit

During the retreat 13-17 march 2017 we discussed legal questions around genome editing with a government official from the federal level and bavarian state authorities. To inspire the discussion about its legal status, we had ordered the diy-crispr kit from the-odin webshop and used the boxed kit as an item on display. On 24.03.2017, we (Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis of the Karlsruhe Institut of technology, KIT-TAS), were notified about a press release by the bavarian authorities - the bavaria government office we talked to before - that this kit is supposedly contaminated with fakultative S2 pathogens. Within the context of our technology assessment research on synthetic biology, ITAS has been working on responsible research and innovation with the diy bio community in Europe and globally for 5 years. To clarify the problems arising from the odin kit we put together a volunteer committee out of the european diybio citizen science network. Its goal is to gather information to evaluate and learn from the incident and educate the community about it. Further, we want to help the community to to verify their own materials and methods and develop better standards and procedures to guarantee a safe and lawful use thereof. We are currently assessing the results of the bavarian authorities as well as quality assurance data from the company the-Odin. We aim to present preliminary results of this assessment at the biofabbing conference 10-14 May 2017 at CERN and a final report in summer. We are inviting the practitioners in the field as well as authorities and the public to participate in this crowd sourced quality assurance.

Further information:

Pressemitteilung Nr. 12/17 “LGL warnt vor Do-it-yourself-Gentechnik Baukasten aus den USA - Potenzielle Krankheitserreger im Do-it-yourself-Gentechnik-Baukasten der Firma The Odin”.